How Dilani Helps her Clients.

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@DilaniDiva Jul 22, 21:54

Enjoying Pink !- #psychic readings#life-coaching#tarot reading#psychic medium #spiritual guidance # DilaniDiva

@DilaniDiva Jul 22, 21:23

Get your personal reading !#psychic readings#life-coaching#tarot reading#psychic medium #spiritual guidance # Dilan…

@DilaniDiva Jul 10, 01:30

Empower Healing !!!

@DilaniDiva Jun 29, 14:58

To empower, expand and enlighten your spirit -

@DilaniDiva Jun 01, 02:47

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@DilaniDiva May 31, 05:07

No one can tell me how to think ! I will think peace-

@DilaniDiva May 31, 04:26

May peace be with

@DilaniDiva May 27, 08:06

@BarackObama Thank you so much for your genuine spirit, and the compassion you share. In gratitude - Dilani Diva

@DilaniDiva May 18, 22:32

A clear kind reading@

@DilaniDiva May 10, 20:29

Sometimes it's good to recognize the ridiculous! And just only "embrace beauty"- my mantra for today

@DilaniDiva May 02, 19:46 use my app to call me now#psychics

@DilaniDiva May 02, 02:12

Enjoy this snippet - Enjoy flowers and Enjoy Spring.

@DilaniDiva Apr 30, 23:42

Reflections on a Flower

@DilaniDiva Apr 16, 16:23

Peace and love to all .

@DilaniDiva Apr 15, 21:33

Understanding Spirits that have passed via @YouTube

@DilaniDiva Apr 11, 17:18

Be powerful in your higher self. Be true to you . And things will rise around you - from the ashes!

@DilaniDiva Apr 11, 07:05

@Aero4Real @DeepakChopra some of it is -Connected to those who carry madness in their minds . Heaven and hell is wi…

@DilaniDiva Apr 11, 07:02

@Aero4Real @DeepakChopra It's more a culmination of current energy- releasing in many forms. Most wars are started in the minds of man !

@DilaniDiva Apr 11, 06:55

Someone asked me if my bindi ( forehead dot) was screwed on . I laughed my 👖 off, then shared the virtues of my "dot"

@DilaniDiva Apr 11, 06:52

Think peace- think hope- think ❤️ love. I chose to be an instrument of healing and pray for those who defend humani…

@DilaniDiva Apr 11, 06:49

@DeepakChopra I enjoy your teachings. And I send you a smile. Thank you dear Deepak. Your on audible each morning a…

@DilaniDiva Mar 26, 06:45

Just for my heart

@DilaniDiva Mar 22, 20:56

Enjoying the earth !!!!

@DilaniDiva Mar 22, 20:24

NBC News: Russia continues info-war tactics in US

@DilaniDiva Mar 19, 15:21

@Mally_ChiHawks back @ya

@DilaniDiva Mar 17, 19:33

@AuthorLRossi I don't think so hon. Very happy with my experience. It has got me so far. In gratitude I remain

@DilaniDiva Mar 15, 17:24

Call now for your reading

@DilaniDiva Feb 23, 19:20

Staying positive. To help and heal those who cross my path today !!!!!🌺

@DilaniDiva Feb 20, 21:50

Have a great day ! Visit my website to call and chat!